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Group Introduction

Chongqing Shengming Jiye International Trade (Group) Co., Ltd., formerly known as Chongqing Dijing Mall Commercial Management Co., Ltd., was established on January 29, 2003 under the approval of the Chongqing Administration for Industry and Commerce, and was approved by the Chongqing Foreign Economic and Trade Commission as a Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao overseas Chinese invested enterprise. The foreign investment enterprise record number: Yu Shang Wu Zi Bei 201600153; the Customs Registration Code: 50089609CX; the Entry and Exit Inspection and Quarantine Record Number: 5000607921; the Unified Social Credit Code: 91500108745346129A. The company has a registered capital of 340 million yuan, being mainly engaged in the import and export of goods and technologies, warehousing services, exhibition services, online sale of pre-packaged foods, bulk foods, health foods, dairy products, agricultural and sideline products, fruits and vegetables, aquatic products, daily necessities, furniture, home accessories, kitchen and bath supplies, digital products, communication equipment, automobile and auto parts, as well as the leasing and management of the property at No. 8, Nanping North Road, Nanping Street, Nan'an District, Chongqing. In the early phase, the company was mainly engaged in commercial real estate development, and in the latter phase, it is mainly focused on business operation and management. It is the key enterprise introduced by Chongqing Foreign Trade and Economic Commission and the People’s Government of Chongqing, Nan’an Distric. Since the establishment, company has been law-abiding in their operations, enjoying a good reputation.